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Bettergrip Tools 4-in-1 Set (2 - 35mm)

  • $100.00

The BetterGrip Tool Set is a set of 4 wrenches with self-locating jaws that precisely aim and lock automatically to pipes and various bolts, nuts and shapes. It also comes with quick release jaws to avoid damage and slip-resistant handles for safety. 


  • SELF-ADJUSTING; NO WINDING NEEDED: Designed with self-locating jaws that grips tightly on the first try without any adjustments. 
  • HEAVY-DUTY DROP FORGED STEEL: Made with premium quality, triple plated carbon steel to ensure durability and effectiveness. 
  • NO JOB IS TOO HARD: Easily attachable and detachable, wide capacity jaws fit for a wide range of bolt shapes. 
  • EASY AND SAFE TO USE: Slip-resistant, durable handles that prevent moisture for extra safety. You can even grip them onto bars and pipes above you and do pull-ups — you got yourself an instant workout! 
  • WORKS EVEN WITH DAMAGED NUTS & BOLTS: Great for rounded, damaged or burred nuts and bolts. Grips in an instant 
  • OPTIMAL PAIRING: Can mix and match wrenches — one to hold and one to fasten for secure handling and motion. 
  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE: Because we're confident about the quality of our wrenches, we're giving you a lifetime replacement guarantee on your purchase in the rare case your wrenches break. 

Perfect for 

Each set comes with 4 different size wrenches that are designed to help you grip and turn any object with precision and ease. 

  • DIY Projects at Home
  • Outdoor Activities that Need Any Type of Set-Up
  • Car and 4x4 Repairs
  • Caravan and Campers
  • Renovation Projects
  • Plumbers, Carpentry and Construction 

How to Use 

Step 1: Simply attach the jaws to the job, and they will automatically grip. The jaws follow the shape of the bolt, nut or pipe. No adjustments needed. 

Step 2: You can start turning; one-way locks and the other way releases. 

Extra Tip: You can use two wrenches at once to save time. Simply use one to hold the body of the job and the other to turn. 

No damage on the bolts, pipes or the nuts. The jaws fit perfectly around a wide range of bolts, pipe or nut designs, making them easy to detach.


Wrench Sizes 

Overall Length

Jaw Capacity

4 inches

2mm to 11mm

6 inches

6mm to 22mm

8 inches

18mm to 28mm

10 inches

25mm - 35mm

  • Each set comes with a compact plastic moulded case that stores all 4 wrenches. 
  • The jaws are hardened up to 52.0 Rockwell C to ensure strength and ability to withstand pressure. They’ll last so long, you can even pass them on to your grandchildren. 
  • The handles are dipped in an air-dry rubber coating handle preventing any accumulation of moisture so that they don’t slip. 
  • The handles come in bright colours for visibility and safety.



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Anto SVG verified by SHOP
United States United States

I had the original type for over ten years and used one regularly for work then eventually the spring broke so I bought the new set


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Thanks for taking the time to review our tools...We are happy to hear they are a useful addition to your toolbox for work!

Katherine M.
Mexico Mexico

Easy to access and very reliable!

I purchased a small set of Bettegrip Tools at an event in 2019 and found the tools to a useful addition to my travelling tool kit as I drove around Australia. I have used it on several occasions as it was easy to access and very reliable! I have replaced parts on my awning of my vehicle and tightened nuts and bolts as they shook loosen the corrugations.

Graham T.
Mexico Mexico

We must have had well over 1000 Kg of Landcruiser bearing on the wrench, and it didn’t break. Amazing!

A friend purchased a Toyota Landcruiser wagon, and we were giving it a thorough service. The rear diff filler plug had been so badly burred a conventional socket wouldn’t grip it. I could get a grip with half the width of the jaws of the 10-inch Bettergrip wrench, but it was so tightly seated we could not shift it, even with an extension pipe over the handle. Drilling the plug out seemed like the only option, but we didn’t like the idea of drill swarf getting into the diff. We had the last-ditch idea to jack up the ‘Cruiser, apply the Bettergrip Wrench to the plug, block it up so it was in tension, then slowly lower the vehicle so its weight would apply more force to the wrench than we could muster. Half jaw width was all we had to work with. We thought we might get the plug to shift. It wasn’t until we had the jack fully lowered, with all weight on the wrench that we finally got the plug to turn. I see the listed maximum handle load for the 10inch wrench is 120 Kg. We must have had well over 1000 Kg of Landcruiser bearing on the wrench, and it didn’t break. Amazing!