Set of 4 wrenches

Q. Do they damage the nut?
A. No

Q. How can I stop it from slipping?
A. Pull back on the handle as you push down    

Q. What's the largest size?
A. 35mm Will do A Tow ball  

Q. Can I put a bar on the end of it?
A. Yes, as long as you do not jump up and down on it 

Q. Will it crush the job I'm working on?
A. No if you are using the right size 

Q. How much pressure can I put on it? 

  • 4'' 40kgs 
  • 6'' 60kgs 
  • 8'' 80kgs
  • 10'' 120kgs 

Q. What do I do if the spring breaks?
A. Send it back for your warranty.

Q. What if the teeth wear?
A. send back for a new tool. Under warranty

SET OF 3 WRENCHES 12'',14'',16''.   

Q. Do they damage the nut?
A. No 

Q. How can I stop it from slipping?
Pull back on the handle as you push down   

Q. What's the largest size?
70mm not quite 3'' 

Q. How much pressure can I put on it?

  • 12'' 180kgs 
  • 14'' 220kgs
  • 16'' 900kgs 



Q. Is it waterproof?
A. Yes, as long you do not submerge it

Q. Is it Bluetooth?  
A. Yes 

Q. Can anyone use it?  
A. Yes, by downloading the app.


Q. How long will the battery last?   
A. One year, that is using it once a day 

Q. How strong is it?     
A. You cannot prize it apart; you cannot use a hammer

Q. Is it waterproof? 
A. Yes, do not submerge it for a length of time 


Q. How long is the cable? 
A. 1.5 meter long

Q. Can you cut through it?         
A. No 

Q. Is it waterproof?             
A. Yes

Q. How long will the battery last?     
A. Two years 


Q. How long will the battery last?           
A. 8 Hours 

Q. Can people hear it around you?  
A. If you are in front of them Yes, but from behind no

Q. Can you connect to other devices?      
A. Yes, with A 3.5 connection or Bluetooth

Q. Not connecting?
A. Turn off your device and start again

Q. Still not connecting?
A. Turn all Bluetooth devices around you off.

Q. Not charging?
A. Lead maybe Brocken, 3.5 jack not push inn.

Q. No sound?
A. Turn volume up on your device

Q. Not Loud enough?
A. This all depends on what Downloaded your music on.


Q. Will it fit on all drills?                           
A. Yes, and some cordless drills

Q. Does it sharpen curved blades?         
A. No

Q. Can you use it on kitchen knives?       
A. Yes, don´t push down to hard

Q. How fast does the drill have to be?     
A. No less than 800 RPM 

Q. What's the cone for?
A. To sharpen single side blades eg scissors  

Q. How do I put the clamp together?
A. There is a small nut that goes at the bottom.

Q. What if I break the cone or smash the stones?
A. You have to buy another not under warranty. It is making marks on my knife


Q. Will it turn damaged nuts & bolts?       
A. Yes 

Q. Will it damage A nut or bolt?               
A. No 

POWER DISC           
Q. How long does it last?         
A. It will not cut A mile of concrete, but it will cut enough to break.

Q. What's the best speed?                         
A. Faster the better, no less than 10,000 RPM

Q. How do I get another when it wears out? 
A. Send back with the old one with $20 dollars for P&H

Q. Does it clog up when sanding?             
A. No as it has air holes 

Q. Does it heat up?                               
A. No 

Q. Does it shatter?                                       
A. No 

Q. How does it sand?                                   
A. You have to flex it before you place it on to drill.