I Like it Direct

I like it Thumbprint Padlock / U Lock - Bike and Motorcycle

  • $80.00

With anti-theft characteristics and high-tech advantages, our Smart Lock gives you security as you store your items and travel with your bikes/motorbikes. Made with a stainless steel lock and keyless fingerprint access to keep your valuables fully secured 24/7. 


  • DURABLE OVERALL LOCK DESIGN: The U Lock is made of heavy-duty stainless steel covered with a black rubber-coated casing making it 100% scratch and tamper-resistant. 
  • KEYLESS FINGERPRINT ACCESS: Never have to worry about losing your keys ever again — all you need to unlock it is your fingerprint. The Smart Lock gives you the confidence to walk around without carrying bulky keys.

  •  LONG-LASTING BATTERY LIFE: Our locks have low power consumption which means longer battery life. Its built-in 110MAH lithium battery can support 2000 unlocking times and 1 year standby time with a single full charge. Each lock alerts you when the power is low. 
  • RECHARGEABLE VIA USB: With over 2000 fingerprint touches. . You don’t have to worry about your lock letting you down. This smart lock will remain locked when the battery is dead. Recharge your smart lock in just 40 minutes or less via USB charging using any portable power bank or mains. 
  • EASY TO CARRY AND WATERPROOF: Our Smart Lock only weighs a mere 1.65 kg, so you can bring it around with you, hassle-free. It also has a waterproof level of IP65, making the smart lock usable even on a rainy day. 

Perfect For 

  • Motorbike and Bicycle Owners who want a safe and great way to secure their bikes when they are away 

How to Use

Step 1: Register your fingerprint on your lock

Step 2: Once ready, you can now bring use your lock anywhere

Step 3: Lightly tap the middle of the lock

Step 4: You’re all set! The lock opens up in less than a second 


  • It has a 0.2 second unlocking time.
  • The lock can accommodate a maximum of 20 fingerprints at once.
  • Each has a built-in 110MAH battery with a 1 year standby time and micro USB charging port. 2000 fingerprint touches
  • A stainless steel U-Lock wrapped in rubber coating for durability
  • Doesn’t occur any damages when wet because of a guaranteed waterproof level of IP65.