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Thumb Print Travel Padlock -30% off

  • $28.00
  • $40.00

This small lightweight padlock is perfect for  travel bags, your gym locker and undercover mailboxes. What’s more, you can easily control this lock from your fingerprint. 

  • CONTROL AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Opening your lock has never been this convenient. With just a light press of your finger, the lock quickly recognizes your registered print. Up to 18 different fingerprint users plus 2 registered users. All set up through your fingertips. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT PROVIDING YOU STRENGTH AND SECURITY: Made with a sturdy zinc alloy body, this lock will keep your items secured in place. 
  • TRAVELLING AROUND: Despite its strong solid steel body, this padlock won’t weigh you down. With a weight of 0.99kg, you can bring this with you on-the-go. 
  • RECHARGEABLE VIA USB: This smart lock will remain locked when the battery is dead. Recharge your smart lock in just 40 minutes or less via USB charging using any portable power bank. 

Perfect for

  • Suitcases
  • Indoor School, gym and swimming lockers
  • Undercover mailboxes (not waterproof)
  • Inside Doors—office, bedrooms, houses
  • Indoor office storage areas
  • Indoor storage units

How to use

Step 1: Register your fingerprint on your lock

Step 2: Once ready, you can now bring use your lock anywhere

Step 3: Lightly tap the middle of the lock

Step 4: You’re all set! The lock opens up in less than a second 

Other specifications

  • It has a 0.2 second unlocking time.
  • The lock can accommodate a maximum of 20 fingerprints at once.
  • Each has a built-in 110MAH battery with a 1 year standby time and micro USB charging port. 2000 fingerprint touches