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Heavy Duty Thumb Print Padlock - 30% OFF

  • $56.00
  • $80.00

No more lost keys or forgotten lock codes with our heavy-duty fingerprint padlock. This heavy duty padlock is perfect for your tool, garden sheds and storage units. It can even be used outdoors under the rain. What’s more, you can easily control this lock from your smartphone 

  • INSTANT FINGERPRINT RECOGNITION: Opening your lock has never been this convenient. With just a light press of your finger, the lock quickly recognizes your registered print. Up to 18 different fingerprint users. 
  • INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH LOCK: Made with a sturdy zinc alloy body, this lock will keep your items secured in place. 
  • EASY SET UP WITH YOUR SMARTPHONE / BLUETOOTH ACCESS: You control your padlock via your smartphone through our app. You can either use your fingerprint to access. Plus you can even opt to provide anyone with a one-time access code or temporary password via Bluetooth using the app. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND HANDY: Despite its solid steel body, this padlock won’t weigh you down. With a weight of 0.45kg, you can bring this with you on-the-go. 
  • WATERPROOF TECHNOLOGY: Need to lock up your outdoor storage (e.g. mailbox)? No worries, this lock is waterproof so you can still get access even during rains. 
  • RECHARGEABLE VIA USB: You don't have to worry about finding the right socket type! This smart lock will remain locked when the battery is dead. Recharge your smart lock in just 40 minutes or less via USB charging using any portable power bank. 

Perfect for 

  • Tool boxes
  • Tool and Garden Sheds
  • Warehouses
  • Storage units
  • Shipping containers
  • Tradies, builders and lock up sites
  • Gun cabinets. 

How to use 

Step 1: Download app first before using your lock (important)

Step 2: Register your fingerprint using our mobile app.

Step 3: Once ready, you can now bring your lock anywhere

Step 4: Lightly tap the middle of the lock

Step 5: Lock opens up in less than a second 

Specifications and Other features 

  • Weight is 0.45kg
  • Built-in 110mAH Lithium Battery (more than 2000 times charge)
  • 5V micro USB Charging (fully charged in 40mins)
  • Waterproof level IP65
  • Made out of zinc alloy