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Professional Vintek Drill Bit Sharpener - A MASSIVE 40% OFF

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THIS IS THE EASIEST AND MOST ACCURATELY WAY TO SHAPPEN DRILL BITS: The Vintek Drill Bit Sharpener is used to restore the cutting edges of dull or worn out drill bits.

WHY BUY NEW DRILL BITS WHEN YOU CAN RECYLE OLD ONES: Using a the Vintek Drill Bit Sharpener. You bring your old drill bits back to new in less 2 minutes

THE VINTEK DRILL BIT SHARPENER IS UNIVERSAL: The Vintek Drill Bit Sharpener sharpens steel and masonry drill bits from 2mm - 12.5mm. With over 80-130 cutting angles to suit all drilling applications

VARIETY OF STONES: The white Stone is for steel drill bits. The green stone for carbide masonry drill bits. The dressing stone cleans both green and white stones so your stones will last longer.

PROFESSIONAL EDGE: Each set comes with 2 Black Collar holders. One for Masonry and one for Steel Drill Bits and 1 Locking Nut. This locks the depth the aspect into place

How to Use

Step 1: Insert your worn drill bit. Turn clockwise and push down as far as you can go. Then take your finger off the button. This sets the depth and the aspect

Step 2: Find a  white collar that fits over the top of the drill bit. Then place a black collar holder over the top. 

(Please note Black collar holder with the letter M on it is used for Masonry Drill bits and the Black Collar holder with S on it is used for Steel Drill Bits) 

Using the locking nut to lock it all into place

Step 3: The sharpener's grinding wheel is adjusted to the correct angle and position for the specific type of drill bit being sharpened. Use the white stone for steel and the green stone for masonry

Step 4:Place the drill bit and locking nut into the machine.  Use your hand to turn the drill bit/locking nut. By turning this in a clockwise manner no angles are missed. The drill bit is held against the stones which sets the correct angle and position. In less than a minute you have brand new drill bits

Step 5: The drill bit is periodically removed and checked for sharpness and the grinding process is repeated until the desired level of sharpness is achieved

(please note you a drill is not included or drill bits)


Sharpens steel and masonry drill bits from 2mm - 12.5mm

Over 80-130 cutting angles to suit all drilling applications

White Stone for steel drill bits (included)

Green stone for carbide masonry drill bits (included)

Stone dressing Stick (included)

4 White collars (included)

2 Black Collar holders (included) 

1 Locking Nut (Black)