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Small I Balance - 30% OFF

  • $35.00
  • $70.00

The iBalance Mini is your ultimate go-to speaker. It boosts the sound on any smartphone or tablet, so you get that crisp surround sound effect. What’s more, you can use it on-the-go! It fits around your neck, letting you take calls and listen to music while travelling. 


  • SURROUND SOUND EXPERIENCE: Connect this smart speaker to your phone or tablet so you can watch your favorite shows and videos with friends. 
  • LETS YOU HEAR IMPORTANT AMBIENT SOUNDS: Our speaker allows you to hear the ambient sounds around you, so you’re safe while you listen to music or take calls while walking. 
  • HANDS-FREE VOICE & VIDEO CALLS: Compatible with any Bluetooth device, you can use the iBalance to take important calls while driving. 
  • FOLDABLE FOR EASY STORAGE: You can take this handy device with you anywhere on-the-go. It’s super easy to fold and fits conveniently in your bag. 
  • ALLOWS YOU TO ADJUST SCREEN VIEWING ANGLE: Don’t have an adjustable stand for your phones or tablets? Not a problem! Use this as your stand and adjust to any viewing angle you like. 
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ANY AUDIO DEVICE: Apart from having Bluetooth connectivity, this device also has a built-in 3.5mm stereo jack so you can use it on almost any audio device. 

Perfect for 

  • Watching movies with friends on a smartphone or tablet
  • Answering calls while driving or walking
  • Listening to music, audiobooks, or podcasts while commuting
  • Working on a desktop or computer 

How to Use 

  1. Position the iBalance or iBalance Mini around your neck
  2. Turn on the device and connect with any of your audio/video devices using Bluetooth or a stereo jack
  3. Enjoy your handsfree, surround-sound, and safer listening experience 


  • Rechargeable lithium battery
  • 10-hours operating time
  • 4 x Bass boost passive radiator
  • 2 x 36mm NdFeb speaker
  • 2 x 6-watt speakers (iBalance)
  • 2 x 4-watt speakers (iBalance Mini)
  • 5mm stereo jack